Wednesday, July 18, 2012

RTW: Where Do You Find Creative Inspiration?

From YA Highway:

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question to write about on our own blogs. You can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic. This week's topic:

When you need creative inspiration, where do you go?

For me the answer is simple: away. I wish I had an actual, official getaway but sadly I do not. But the bottom line is when I'm feeling like the creative juices are on empty and I'm a little fried, I just get away from the world and all the hubbub.

A few years ago, I had my dream writer's retreat that always provided me with creative inspiration. The retreat was a family member's lake house.

Oh how I miss it...


But sadly, they recently sold it. I found a poor man's version in going out to my parent's house. But that only works when I'm house sitting and am out there for an extended period by myself. Otherwise going to visit mom and dad isn't exactly conducive to recharging the creative battery. But it is nice out there.

Country living...


Basically, I just need some solitude and some nature to get me recharged and eager to write again. Nature is wonderful and being near water is even better, but peace and quiet is really what I need. How about you my writer friends? And even non-writer friends. Everyone needs an escape from time to time to get their mind straight. What do you do? Where do you go?


  1. That lake house does look amazing! Hope you find a good replacement soon :) And I agree - nature is always so inspiring - and there's something magical about water!

  2. Oooh, pretty lake house... I wish I could get away somewhere like that! The city is fun and all, but sometimes you need some quiet nature time to recharge the batteries...

  3. That lake house is gorgeous! My inspiration is mostly found in things like music, reading, and pictures. :)

  4. I love that lake house. I wish I could go outside to write but there aren't that many green places where I live right now. Maybe when I go back to school I can find a spot. I get inspiration from the people around me. I know a lot of crazy interesting people...
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow! What a house. I could definitely find inspiration there. Lately I've been writing a lot of lake/resort town stuff. In a month I'll be going up north for a little mini-writing retreat - can't wait!


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