Friday, July 13, 2012

First Ever Friday Finds!

Hooray! It's Friday. And this is my first ever Friday Finds!


As I just started this today and haven't been trolling for links all week, the list is short. But I hope to share more fun, insightful, interesting or just plain silly links that I've gathered over the week on each Friday Finds.

  • First up, The Bi-Polar Writer. Cracked me up. Not only was this post a pretty accurate depiction of my day-to-day struggles with writing, it also gave some sound advice.
  • "I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so, so.... scared!" Any blog post that can incorporate a Jessie Spano reference without losing its credibility is a winner in my book. And Five Things to Consider, Aspiring Writer does just that. It's chalk full of insights for aspiring writers and an excuse to watch a SBTB snippet on YouTube. Yahtzee!
  • Finally, I did a lot of updating to my blog list. While I didn't necessarily call out each post on it's own, I do feel the need to point out some of the stellar blogs that I've added to said blog list. Check them out.

I thought I had more legit Friday Finds to share. But then I realized the only other posts I had to share were all from the Tumbler News Cat Gifs. Here are some of my favorites:

"When I go to cover an event and I am told I cannot get in"

"When I'm trying to learn from a webinar"

"When someone brings food to the newsroom"

And my personal favorite...

"When you are accused of misquoting someone and you play back the tape"

Hopefully next week's Friday Finds will be a bit more productive. Happy Friday y'all!

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